What is International Law?

International law is the set of rules, agreements and treaties that are binding between countries. When sovereign states enter into agreements that are binding and enforceable, it’s called international law. Countries come together to

Foreign Residents of Iran, Their Rights and obligations

Foreign Residents rights has always been an important topic in all countries and and different viewpoints has been raised about it. In every Country’s law, the term “Foreign Resident” and it’s difference with local

Child Labour and What You Need to Know

Child labour has existed to varying extents throughout history and it refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend

What Happens if You Commit a Crime in Space?

NASA is reportedly investigating what could be the first ever alleged crime in space. Astronaut Anne McClain has been accused of accessing her estranged spouse’s bank account via the internet while on board the

How is Customs Clearance Done in Iran

Customs Clearance is a professional work and without proper knowledge about the current laws and regulations, the clearance may get done with delay. Not knowing the regulations of Customs clearance also can waste your

Penalty and Legal Effects of Consuming Alcohol in Iran

• Why is it a Crime? According to Islam, that is the official religion of Iran, Consuming alcohol is Haram and it’s also a crime. The roots of this issue is that, alcohol has

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