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Vanda International Law and Arbitration Firm was established in the 2013 in pursuit of sublime goals. With its lawyers and professional legal experts and by relying on its past experiences, Vanda Law Firm is now one of the most prestigious law firms.
In order to improve the quality of service, Vanda Law & Arbitration Institute has designed and adjusted the client’s legal charter as follows:
The client has the right to request the necessary information about the process and progress of his work at any time.
The client has the right to receive the necessary information about the type of measures or other methods before commencement of work stages and operationalization of measures as far as he can understand them and if he has any opinions, he can offer them in a written form.. MORE

Criminal and civil cases

Venda Law Firm will be on your side in criminal complaint cases involving fraud, theft, forgery or the use of a valid document, etc. With your many years of successful experience.

Family Claims

Venda Law Firm can guide you through all aspects of family law. Therefore, we hope that with our experienced lawyers we will take an effective step in supporting your family.


Vanda Law Firm is set up to provide services in domestic and international litigation and provides experienced lawyers with services related to the settlement and conclusion of international contracts.

Venda Law Firm, a specialized legal counseling center

Legal Knowledge

Mining lawyer

Who is a mining lawyer and what does he do? What conditions should a mining lawyer have? The mining lawyers of Vanda Law Firm have sufficient knowledge of the issues and problems faced by

Biography of Dr. Seyed Hassan Emami

Dr. Seyed Hassan Emami was born in Tehran in 1281 (H.). His father was the imam of Friday and congregation, and for this reason, after completing his preliminary education at the Prokimenage School, which

Family law attorney

Advocacy of family matters is one of the most sensitive and important matters in the field of advocacy because the importance of the family’s position in society is emphasized so much that in the

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