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Vanda International Law and Arbitration Firm was established in the 2013 in pursuit of sublime goals. With its lawyers and professional legal experts and by relying on its past experiences, Vanda Law Firm is now one of the most prestigious law firms.

In order to improve the quality of service, Vanda Law & Arbitration Institute has designed and adjusted the client’s legal charter as follows:

The client has the right to request the necessary information about the process and progress of his work at any time.

The client has the right to receive the necessary information about the type of measures or other methods before commencement of work stages and operationalization of measures as far as he can understand them and if he has any opinions, he can offer them in a written form.

In order to protect his privacy, the client has the right ensure the confidentiality of the content of his file of measures and the obtained results.


Observing a culture of respect for the client

In general, we have minimized accountability and follow-up time at Vanda Law Firm. We are not saying we act ideally, because the legal scope and variety of requests are so extensive that one cannot guarantee a completely standard routine. However, by creating two management and supervisory layers at different levels of the organization, we have been able to utilize our maximum power and productivity inside the organization to inform our clients of the logical processes in the case process.


We hope as we always continue to pursue what we believe and what we say, we can take a step forward for a better future not only for our organization but also for the legal community.

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