Foreign Residents of Iran, Their Rights and obligations

Foreign Residents rights has always been an important topic in all countries and and different viewpoints has been raised about it. In every Country’s law, the term “Foreign Resident” and it’s difference with local residents has been defined.

• Who are Iranian Residents

According to Iran’s law, these people are Iranian Residents:

1. All those who are living in Iran except the foreigners who don’t have residency papers.

2. People who have Iranian father whether they have been born in Iran or elsewhere.

3. People who have been born in Iran and their parents are unknown.

4. People who are born in Iran from Foreign Parents in case that one of the parents has been born in Iran.

5. People who have foreign father but stayed in Iran one more year after they are 18.

• 2 Types of Foreign Residents

First – Individuals: Real People

Second – Legal entities: Corporations, Organizations and institutes. Legal entities have some rights and obligations according to law, except things that are specific to humans like becoming father, inherit, etc.

• Some of The Rights of Foreign Residents in Iran

• Entering and getting out of the Country Freely. but it’s not unconditioned and they need a permission to do so.

• The right to protect their lives, property and prestige. According to clause number 22 of Iran’s Constitution Law, All those who live in Iran are immune to any harm, whether Iranian or foreign resident.

• The right to have Individual Security. It means protecting them from getting illegally arrested etc.

• Freedom of Opinion. According to clause number 23 of Iran’s Constitution Law, Inquisition is Banned and one cannot be blamed for their Opinion.

• The Right to Have a Job. Foreign Residents have the right to have any job they want except those that are legally available only for Iranian Residents or Governmental Jobs.

• The Right to go to Jurisdictions. According to law all Residents have the Right to go to Jurisdictions if needed.

• Foreign Residents and Crimes

If a crime is committed to a foreign resident, it can be prosecuted. Also if they commit a crime, it can be prosecuted. Diplomatic Officers and Political representatives are immune to Prosecution.

• Political Right: Political Rights is specific to Iranian Residents and foreign residents cannot have those rights.

• The right to vote: Foreign residents cannot vote or be voted to in any political or governmental voting.

• Military Service: Foreign residents are exempt of Military Service.

• Paying Tax: Foreign residents are residents of this country and should pay tax.

• 2 Important Points about Foreign Residents Job

1. The Wages of a Local Resident should not be less than a foreign resident.

2. Foreign residents can only work in jobs that Iranians cannot do or do not have the needed knowledge to.

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